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Scholar at Risk Slovakia

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Bilateral, unallocated
Implementing Organization Bratislavský inštitút pre politickú analázu
Implementing Organization Code PUBLIC SECTOR INSTITUTIONS
Geo Location
Start of Commitment 2018-08-15
End of Commitment 2019-09-30
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


The aim of the proposed projekt "Scholar at Risk Slovakia" is to establish the centre for global and development education, which should be focused on the status of academic freedom in contex of the global themes such as justice and human rights, peace and intercultural communication, education, democracy and civic society, xenophoby and discrimintation vs. tolerance and multiculturalism and war conflicts and terrorism. We pressume that, the topic of academic freedom includes the intercultural and global dimension, which is important for understanding the education as the form of the society changes. SAR Slovakia is build on four basis activities – (1) Speakers series, (2) Special pop-up course, (3) Festival, (4) Working Groups, which will be developed through pedagogical and non-pedagogical university studies and they will also be available for the wider society as the public activities. Simultaneously, the important output of the cooperation in between the academics and students from the slovak and foreign Universities, research institutions and educational organisations will be the creation of the specific study subject in field of global and development education under the name „Reporting in Freedom“. Students after attending this subject will gain the abilities in the field of monitoring the freedom and human rights, creating the analysis, collecting data and measuring freedom in the society.

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2018 29 325 € 10 670 €
2019 0 € 15 054 €
Total 29 325 € 25 724 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Promotion of development awareness 100.0 %


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Other filtered aid Amount extended
Scholar at Risk Slovakia 25 724 €
Other filtered aid 621 692 913 €
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