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  • supporting renewable energy education at Kabul University

supporting renewable energy education at Kabul University

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Afghanistan
Implementing Organization Slovenská Technická Univerzita v Bratislave
Implementing Organization Code University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think-tank
Geo Location Kabul, AF
  Longitude 69.17233
  Latitude 34.52813
Start of Commitment 2019-08-26
End of Commitment 2020-10-20
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


The training of professionals for energy sector, in particular the use of renewable energy is of paramount importance for development and stability in Afghanistan. As in other sectors, there is a strong demand for education in Afghanistan in the energy sector as well. However, the quality of education in this country is greatly influenced by the lack of qualified professionals, technical facilities, non-standard study programs and non-standard scientific and research activities. The aim of this project is to promote the quality of education in Afghanistan with an emphasis on higher and vocational training. The project aims to support the training of university faculty staff in the field of renewable energy sources through technical equipment, development of human potential, building and establishing cooperation between Slovak and Afghan institutions, transferring knowledge and know-how from Slovakia and organizing a scientific conference. The implementation of the project will create a modern equipped laboratory focused on the training of university graduates in the field of solar systems together with trained personnel in the field. Higher education teachers will be trained to integrate lessons learned and laboratory equipment into the study curriculum of renewable energy, ensuring the project's sustainable impact on the quality of education in the field. In addition to directly trained university teachers, more than 200 other people will receive non-formal education during the project. The implementation of this project will significantly contribute to improving the knowledge and skills of teachers, students and graduates of Afghan universities and will bring a number of social, economic and environmental benefits to different parts of society.

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2019 99 976 € 49 988 €
Total 99 976 € 49 988 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Education policy and administrative management 100.0 %


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Comparison based on the region

Other filtered aid Amount extended
supporting renewable energy education at Kabul University 49 988 €
Other filtered aid 621 692 913 €
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