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Portable Diagnostics Accessible to Everybody – Business Plan

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Ghana
Implementing Organization S-Case
Implementing Organization Code Private sector in provider country
Geo Location Accra, GH
  Longitude -0.1969
  Latitude 5.55602
Start of Commitment 2019-11-29
End of Commitment 2020-06-29
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


We are developing an affordable early disease detection and prevention point-of-care device. Our mission is to enable untrained medical personal to make educated medical decisions with the help of smart sensors and software in one portable and multifunctional device. Thereby increasing access to healthcare, especially in remote areas in developing countries. Current problems: • Lack of professional medical staff • Lack of patient database • Lack of medical equipment Our solutions: • Portable, multifunctional point-of-care medical device • Digital patient database • Software analytic based on A.I. for prediction of early diseases for non-specialised medical personal Africa carries 24% of the global disease burden, it only has a low 3% of the worlds health practitioners. While we know we will never be able to replace doctors, we are looking to make this gap smaller with the help of smart sensors and neural networks. The specific objective is to have a thorough business plan in order to increase the applicant's capacity to penetrate the markets in developing countries with their solutions, which have not only a business but also a significant development element. This mainly involves increasing access to health care. Project results: 1.1. Study of local market and business models Indicator: one study Activity: Analytical activity, data and information collection at a distance (office analytics of data obtained from trips abroad) and during trips abroad Outputs: analysis of the current market situation, competition, demand and supply 1.2. Out-of-field testing results through partners (local public institutions, home doctors, non-governmental doctors, applicant's staff during mission), Indicator: % of partners satisfied with test results Activity: field testing Outputs: number of sites and partners and reports (suggestions for improvement) elaborated from companies, doctors, NGOs 1.3 Deepening cooperation Indicator: number of formal and informal cooperation concluded Activity: travel to initiate cooperation with local partners and public institutions Outputs: number of meetings, number of participants, number of business trips Target group: international companies, NGOs, public institutions Place of implementation: Ghana and other countries of Western Africa region.

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2019 10 000 € 0 €
Total 10 000 € 0 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Medical services 100.0 %


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