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  • Young Unemployed Towards Entrepreneurship (abbr. „YUTE“)

Young Unemployed Towards Entrepreneurship (abbr. „YUTE“)

General Information

Funding entity Slovak Aid
Recipient Country Georgia
Implementing Organization Regionálna rozvojová agentúra Senec-Pezinok
Implementing Organization Code Donor country-based NGO
Geo Location Tbilisi, GE
  Longitude 44.83368
  Latitude 41.69411
Start of Commitment 2017-09-28
End of Commitment 2019-06-30
Currency EUR
Status OECD reported


Project is focused on provision of complex assistance for establishment and functionning of small and medium entreprises of most prominent group of unemployed-young unemployed until 35 years of age and with 10% ratio of women within selected regions of Georgia, possesing potential for production of traditional arts and crafts, toursim and potential for agro/bio entrepreneurship.The aim of the project is to create functionning model of identification of target group- young unemployed with entrepreneurship potential and to support their employment and entrepreneurship. The expected output is the lowering of unemployment and dependancy on social contributions.This model and approach will be developped in co-operation with the Social Service Agency (SSA), to which the Slovak and EÚ experiences will be transferred with the aim to ensure its capacity building in sustainable way. The first phase of project is devoted to complex processing of data with aim to develop systematic model of identification particular group of 30 young unemployed persons with 10% ratio of women, who do possess the business potential in the above mentioned 3 areas. For them will be in a second phase of the project established the Centre for entrepreneurship, providing for them elaboration of business plans in three selected areas, as well as the trainings on certification and grant schemes of Georgia and the EU. This Centre in co-operation with Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce with the seat in Tbilisi, will assist them also in market research, netwoeking and in placement on the market. These activities will provide also for awareness raising on actual issues and for future and sustainable activities of SSA, Slovak-Georgian Chamber of Commerce and other actors. This is stemming from 2,5 years long co-operation in between the project partners from Slovakia and Georgia and from strategic documents of both countries.

Commitments and Amount Extended (EUR)

Reporting Year Commitments Amount Extended
2017 99 676 € 29 903 €
2019 0 € 39 870 €
Total 99 676 € 69 773 €

Sectors share

Sector name Share
Business support services and institutions 100.0 %


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Comparison based on the region

Other filtered aid Amount extended
Young Unemployed Towards Entrepreneurship (abbr. „YUTE“) 69 773 €
Other filtered aid 621 692 913 €
Project/Region Amount Extended Ratio